Use the arrow keys or wasd to navigate the cursor around the gamescreen.

To look at black objects, move the cursor over to them and poke them.

To talk to people, do the same but poke the word bubbles near their head.

To move around the world, use the arrows pointing towards where you want to go.

I've been working on this game for a good while now. Development started just after I posted Juh when I remembered I had tons of notes on my phone I'd written just after waking up from dreams. Inspired by those and LSD dream emulator I decided to try my hand at something similar.

Towards the end of it the editor was lagging so hard it would take a solid 10 seconds for pixels to appear in the draw window.

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Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Dreams, Experimental, Exploration, First-Person, Retro


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i just got axed hahaha

very nice game, i need to see the other endings

I enjoyed this a lot! How many endings are there?

I really enjoyed this clever use of Bitsy & the techniques you used to move through the stories. Great work.

Wow! Incredible work! I got stuck in the elevator though – is that one of the endings?

No, the woman standing on top of the parking garage has the hint for that puzzle



Incredible level of detail - I can see why the editor was having difficulties haha! I went down the sewer and it was a very impressive (and surreal) sequence :)

is it supposed to 'soft-lock' while seated in the diner? the dream that sequence is based on I sat down and waited seemingly forever until I woke up, so I decided having it soft lock with you sitting down would be the best way to emulate that


While I'm not exactly fond of it, I appreciate the honesty in your answer.


This was awesome! Really impressed with everything you've done with this.


I liked this a whole lot! Really glad I kept replaying it and trying different paths.