A game about a planet alien to the player.

Made with the Bitsy editor: https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy


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Hi! I just found the game randomly and it is very nice. I am a Klingon speaker, so I see that you are using Klingon (though it is not quite grammatical and so I cannot understand it) which is great! Why did you choose Klingon?

Thank you! I used Klingon because I didn't want to go through the trouble of making my own alien language. I used an online translator, but it wasn't the best so everything came out kind of garbled. I'm sure if you wanted to know what a specific one is supposed to be saying I could probably remember what I originally wrote.


Cool! You know I kind of like that it is not quite understandable to me, it means that the "alien" quality is still preserved! QujlIj vItIvqu'pu' jIH!


Beautiful world :D

thank you! it took a while to make